So I’m at work and this guy shows up I am ringing him up and he asked if I had any cheer competitions this weekend I said no not until june. I think to myself I know I tell people I coach but I don’t remember this guy do I’m like eh whatever. He asked my name I said Lorena he shook my hand and introduced himself as Jessie. He said he saw me a lot. I was like yea I work sundays and mondays. He was like yea I usually come in on sundays.
He goes gets a gatorade and tic tacs. Comes back to me and I ring him up. He asks me so Lorena do you have a boyfriend? I was like yes and smiled. He just looked down and shook his head that’s too bad, what a shame. Well I guess I’ll just be on stand by if you guys don’t work it.

I need to stop coming to work so cute!

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Posted on Sunday, 13 May
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